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2021-2022 Neenah Middle School Wrestling Team

2021-2022 Neenah Middle School Coaching Staff (Eckstein, Sheppard, Steward, Mueller, Novak)

Neenah Wrestling Middle School 2022-2023 Coaching Staff

Middle School
Josh Mueller Head Coach
Nate Novak Assistant Coach
Curt Sheppard Assistant Coach
Scott Eckstein Assistant Coach
Bryce Fochs Assistant Coach
Caleb Letson Assistant Coach
William Rambert Assistant Coach
Myles Steward Assistant Coach
Corey Knudsen Assistant Coach


Josh  Mueller

Josh Mueller

Head Middle School Coach

Phone: 920-420-4509

Mill City Melee Saturday Saturday February 28th 2023

RWF Summer 2023 Registration

Please use this link to sign-up for the RWF Summer 2023 Training Sessions. We will be offering practices on Monday (Takedown Machine) Nights, Wednesday Mornings (Mat Bottom and Advanced Positions) and Thursday (Mat Magician Top) afternoons in the Neenah High School Wrestling Room @ 1275 Tullar Road for Grades 3-8 and 9-12.

Landen Sheppard 3rd Place WWF Youth State 2008-2009 130 Pounds

Recent Middle School News

Neenah Wisconsin Wrestling Federation Middle School Boys State Results Since 2016

Neenah Wrestling: Youth State Placewinners Since 2016
Name Year Weight Class State Place Grade
Drake Hayward 2016 105 6th 7th
Marshall Kools 2016 175 5th 8th
Bryce Fochs 2017 165 6th 7th
Drake Hayward 2017 100 5th 8th
Jacob Herm 2018 69 1st 5th
Jayden Sheppard 2018 90 6th 7th
Bryce Fochs 2018 190 6th 8th
Liam Crook 2019 81 1st 5th
Jacob Herm 2019 76 1st 6th
Landen Sheppard 2021 94 2nd 6th
Jacob Herm 2021 100 1st 8th
Broden Butzke 2022 84 3rd 5th
Landen Sheppard 2022 110 2nd 7th
Landen Sheppard 2023 130 3rd 8th