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Neenah WWL Registration

Use this link to register for the Neenah Wisconsin Wrestling League team. There is a $50 practice only option and a $100 practice and competition option. Competitions will take place on 3 Sunday's in December and January with a Finals series (2 weekends) in February. We will have a 6th-8th grade practice/competition team (trains 4 nights per week), a 3rd-5th grade competition team (trains two nights per week with 4th-5th), a 2nd Grade competition team (trains two nights a week with 2nd-3rd), and a Girls Team (trains one night per week).

Neenah Middle School Wrestling 2020-2021 Season Registration

Please complete this link to sign-up for Neenah Middle School Wrestling for the 2020-2021 season.


Marshall Kools 1st Place WIAA Individual State Tournament @ 195

2019-2020 Neenah HS Wrestling Team Banquet Photo

2019-2020 Neenah HS Wrestling Team Banquet Photo

Drake Hayward 5th Place WIAA Individual State Tournament @ 145

WIAA Team State Wrestling

Neenah Wrestling Program Mission

The Neenah Wrestling Program is focused on building successful personal characteristics in our student athletes which eventually leads to our longterm program goal building Championship People.  Neenah Wrestling aims to  instill characteristics developed from wrestling that our student athletes can bring into the real world and have the ability to take confident risks to achieve their individual goals and missions in adulthood. 

Our #1 Program Goal is to develop Championship People followed with Goal #2 of Championship Results.  Our Culture of Neenah Wrestling is more important than the wins and losses.

We strive to develop the "WHOLE PERSON" student and athlete.

We offer the following wrestling programs.

"Intro to Youth Wrestling" 4K-3rd Fall (Sep/Oct) 5 Weeks

"Intro to Youth Wrestling" 4K-3rd Spring (Feb/Mar) 5 Weeks

Neenah Girls Wrestling 2nd-8th  Winter (Jan/Feb) 5 Weeks

Neenah Youth Wrestling 3rd-5th Winter (Jan/Mar) 11 Weeks

Neenah Middle School Wrestling 6-8 Winter (Dec/Mar) 15 Weeks

Neenah High School Wrestling 9-12 Winter (Nov/Mar) 16 Weeks

Rocket Wrestling Factory Freestyle/Greco Spring (Apr/May) 

Rocket Wrestling Factory Folkstyle Summer (June/July)

Twin City Wrestling Club Summer (June/July)

Neenah Wrestling Updated News

Neenah Wisconsin Wrestling League Registration NOW OPEN

By Coach Rasmussen 10/23/2020, 2:30pm CDT

Good afternoon Neenah Wrestling!

I am excited to share with you the registration for Neenah Wrestling's Participation in the Wisconsin Wrestling League! With the current situation surrounding COVID-19, this is likely one of the only competitive options for our athletes. This season is available for male athletes Grades 2-8 and female athletes Grades 3-8, or by special consideration. 

Registration for this program can be completed at:

Practices for this season will begin November 15. The tentative practice schedule is as follows:

Grades 6-8

                       Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 4:00 – 5:30

Grades 4-5 

                       Tuesday, Thursday 6:00 – 7:15

Grades 2-3  

Monday, Wednesday 6:00 – 7:15

Girls (Grades 3-8)

Sundays 5:00 – 6:30

The season/competition calendar is being finalized by the Wisconsin Wrestling League. Currently the plan includes one (1) competition in December, two (2) competitions in January, a qualifier, and Championship in February. Calendars will be available at  

Practices will be held at: 

Neenah Wrestling Facility

                    Chase Bank Building, 2nd Floor

                    111 E Wisconsin Ave., Neenah


Costs will be:

  • $50 - practice only wrestler 
  • $100 - Competitive Wrestler

A USA Wrestling Athlete card is required for all athletes, there is a $45 fee associated with this membership.

A $75, refundable, deposit is required for singlet check out for competitive athletes.

**No athletes will be turned away due to financial constraints. Contact Neenah Wrestling for information regarding potential financial assistance. **

With our move from Neenah School District property we are implementing the following COVID-19 safety precautions to keep our coaches and athletes as safe as possible and meet our insurance requirements. 

  • Sessions will be limited to 24 athletes
  • Mats must be cleared and room cleaned between sessions. 
  • Athletes will be assigned to a group of 3-6 and a section of mat.
  • Athletes must stay in their area. All warm up and wrestling will be done in this space. 
  • Temp checks and hand sanitizer will be required upon entry 
  • Masks are required to the door, and optional during practice
  • Coaches will be masked during practice
  • No parent spectators will be allowed in the practice room
  • ALL athletes and coaches must have USA wrestling card. This card provides insurance coverage for your athlete and the club and is valid until 8/31/2021. A copy of this card must be on file before the athlete will be allowed to participate.  

Registration for this league can be completed at:

Girls Wisconsin Wrestling League Press Release

By Coach Kleuskens 10/19/2020, 12:30pm CDT

Neenah Entering the Wisconsin Wrestling League

By Coach Kleuskens 09/30/2020, 4:15pm CDT

Dear Neenah Youth and Middle School Wrestling Community,

Due to the current COVID-19 pandemic a new league has surfaced in Wisconsin known as the Wisconsin Wrestling League. This league will consist of both club and local/program level teams and will have competitions statewide for 3 different divisions (K-2), (3-5), and (6-8). 

Please take some time to view the Wisconsin Wrestling League website for more information. Note: Many teams will be added to this league as it was just made public.

We are working extremely hard to provide opportunities to members of our wrestling program who want to wrestle this year and this league is causing us to PIVOT from our normal season plans in a typical year to take advantage of what is available to us at this time. JUST KNOW that our SEASONS for Youth and Middle School most likely will start sooner than in the past and end sooner than in the past as we restructure our program around the Wisconsin Wrestling League for this year. 

If the Wisconsin Wrestling Federation is able to have a typically WWF Regional and State Series we will work on providing additional opportunities for those who want to compete in those events if they happen this year.

Neenah Wrestling has joined the Wisconsin Wrestling League and we will be entering in a 2nd Grade, 3rd-5th Grade, and 6th-8th Grade team. Our competition schedule for this league will be finalized in Mid-November and our team will be allowed to compete at a total of 3 events in the months of December and January. In the month of February we will have a qualifier and finals event (For Qualifiers).

Why is Neenah jumping in on this new league? There are so many question marks regarding the 2020-2021 competition schedule that we feel this is the best opportunity for our wrestlers who feel comfortable competing this year getting that opportunity. At the present time we are not counting on local youth level tournaments or potentially even our Middle School Wrestling conference events happening so by joining the Wisconsin Wrestling League we will be taking advantage of opportunities to compete as a program this year.

At this time our official Neenah Wisconsin Wrestling League SIGN-UP is NOT AVAILABLE as this league has just been made public  Tuesday September 29th.

What we need to know is...

  1. If your wrestler will be joining our League Team? 2nd Grade, 3rd-5th, or 6th-8th
  2. What Grade they are in?
  3. USA CARD # (can be purchased online @


Stay tuned for...

  1. 2-3, 4-5, and 6th-8th grade training practices to start in early November 
  2. Official Neenah Wisconsin Wrestling League Sign-Up (available soon)
  3. Neenah's Wisconsin Wrestling League Competition schedule (to be released in Mid-November)



  1. The cost to join our League Team will be $80 and include Wisconsin Wrestling league enrollment ($20), all practices, and 4 competitions ($15 per event). This $80 fee will include all enrollment and competition fees.

Other Notes:

  1. We will establish a 2nd Grade, 3rd-5th Grade, and 6th-8th Grade Coaching Staff. Staff members will be present at our 3 events to provide coaching.
  2. We will establish two practices per week for 2nd-3rd Grade, 4th-5th Grade, and 3 practices a week for 6th-8th Grade.
  3. At this time membership to our team is open to wrestlers from the Neenah Community Only.


I know this is a lot...we have been doing our best once again for those who feel comfortable and respect the decisions of those who chose to not participate due to the pandemic.

Please contact me with any questions.

Coach Kleuskens and the Neenah Wrestling Staff

USA Wrestling Competitor/Coach Membership Now Open

By Coach Kleuskens 08/19/2020, 6:15pm CDT

The 2020-2021 USA Wrestling Membership is NOW OPEN.

To purchase your USA Wrestling Competitor or Coaches Card please visit 

Once on the site you will login or create a login if you are a new customer.  

The USA Wrestling Card is MANDATORY for all USA Wrestling affiliated events such as all Wisconsin Wrestling Federation events (WWF Youth Regionals, WWF Youth State, WWF Freestyle State, WWF Greco State, Northern Plains, Fargo etc).  It is also required by many local wrestling clubs and camps that are USA Wrestling affiliated.  

Note the Neenah Wrestling Club once again this year purchased the High School Team membership for $400 which means all of our High School Wrestlers cards are paid for.  All 20-21 Seniors need to complete their safe sport training online before their cards are added and available.

Dear Neenah Middle School Wrestling Community,

Please complete the below link to sign-up for the 2020-2021 Neenah High School Wrestling season.

Note: This does not replace all school required documents.  By completing this link you are simply added to our website and sports engine app for communication purposes.

Neenah Wrestling Core Values

Neenah Wrestling focused on the character development of young men and women.  We are proud to educate and instill important lifelong experiences that will be beneficial in the many years to come. Our "TEAM CORE" Values are guiding principals to help us reach our program academic, social, and athletic goals.


Neenah's Drake Hayward will be continuing his academic and athletic experience at Augsburg University in Minnesota.

WIAA Team State Poster 2019-2020

Kyle Kleuskens

Kyle Kleuskens

Head VarsityWrestling Coach

Phone: 920-740-4604

Mark Cowling

Mark Cowling

Assistant Varsity Wrestling Coach

Phone: 920-850-2912

Chris  Rundquist

Chris Rundquist

Head JV Wrestling Coach

Phone: 920-422-4026

Josh  Mueller

Josh Mueller

Head Middle School Coach

Phone: 920-420-4509

Eric  Rassmussen

Eric Rassmussen

Head Youth Coach

Phone: 920-850-8718

Chris Abel

Head Intro to Youth Wrestling Coach

Neenah Wrestling Coaching Staff

High School (9-12) Middle School (6-8) Youth (3-5) Intro (4K-3rd) Girls (2-8)
Kyle Kleuskens Head Varsity Josh Mueller-Head Coach Eric Rasmussen Head Coach Chris Abel Head Intro Coach Rocco Marchionda: Head Girls Coach
Mark Cowling Varsity Assistant Nate Novak Assistant Coach Chris Abel Assistant Corey Knudsen Assistant Intro Allie Grovachek: Assistant
Chris Rundquist Head JV Curt Sheppard Assistant Coach Cody Peabody Assistant Dan Thomson Assistant Intro Dan Janichek: Assistant
Mason Bohm Volunteer Scott Eckstein Assistant Coach Dan Thomson Assistant Rocco Marchionda Assistant Intro
Ryan Robillard Volunteer Kelly Herm Assistant Coach Jason Kurszewski Assistant Jeff Birschback Assistant Intro Coach
Corey Knudsen Volunteer Briar Hass Assistant Coach Nathan Ennis Assistant Larry Marsh Assistant Intro
Brian Piechocki Volunteer Collin Neuens Assistant Coach Adam Kittilson Assistant Kyle Kleuskens Assistant Intro
Kevin Beauchamp Volunteer Jason Barber Assistant Eric Rasmussen Assistant Intro
Cory Zuberber Volunteer Josh Mueller Assistant Intro
Jason Kurszewski Volunteer Ben McDonald Assistant Intro
Jason Kurszewski Assistant Intro
Scott Farrell Assistant Intro

WIAA Team State Qualifiers

Neenah Wins WIAA Team Sectional Championship Dual vs West Bend East

The Neenah High School Wrestling Team won the WIAA Team Sectional Dual Tuesday February 18th 2020 at Hartford Union High School vs West Bend East 36-25. Neenah was down early in the dual 9-0 but Davin Munoz @ 182 turned the tides with a critical 5-3 decision in the closing seconds at 182 pounds. The rockets quickly added 24 team points with three consecutive pins by Marshall Kools (195), Bryce Fochs (220), and Caleb Letson (285). William Rambert picked-up a forfiet at 106 pounds to make it 27-9 Neenah. The WBE Suns closed the gap to make it 27-13 when freshman Jayden Sheppard stepped on the mat. Sheppard stepped up in the 3rd period down 2-0 to pick up two three point nearfall turns to win 6-2 and extend the Neenah lead to 30-13. Charlie Alft at 126 sealed the Team State Clinching dual with a 7-5 win to make it 33-13. Drake Hayward at 145 pounds capped off the night with a 5-4 decision to make the final score 36-25. The top four place winners from the WIAA Regional Championship day all moved on to the WIAA Individual Sectional Tournament on Saturday February 22nd at Oshkosh North High School. The top two of eight wrestlers in the brackets will advance to the WIAA Individual State Tournament in Madison Thursday February 27th-Saturday February 29th. Please come out to cheer on Tyler Beauchamp (106), Evan Piechocki (113), Jayden Sheppard (120), Ramon Manka-Wigfall (132), Drake Hayward (145), Austin Lewis (152), Bryce Crook (170), Davin Munoz (182), Marshall Kools (195), Caleb Letson (220), and Bryce Fochs (285).

  • WIAA Team Sectional Champions
  • WIAA Team Sectional Champions and our Fans
  • Davin Munoz Winner by Decision @ 182
  • Marshall Kools winner by Fall @ 195
  • Bryce Fochs winner by Fall @ 220
  • Caleb Letson winner by Fall @ 285
  • Jayden Sheppard winner by decision @ 120
  • Sheppard's Huge WIN
  • Charlie Alft winner by decision 7-5
  • Drake Hayward winner by decision 5-4

Neenah Wrestling 2020 WIAA Regional Champions

Neenah Wins WIAA Regional Championship for the first time in 16 years.

The Neenah High School Wrestling Team won the WIAA Regional on Saturday February 15th 2020 in dramatic fashion at Slinger High School. The Rockets knocked off #9 Ranked and 3X Returning Team State Qualifiers in Slinger in the final round of wrestling. The Rockets crowned 5 regional champions in Drake Hayward (145), Bryce Crook (170), Marshall Kools (195), Caleb Letson (220), and Bryce Fochs (285). Hayward was the 3rd seed, Crook the 6th seed, and Letson the 4th seed to begin the tournament. Jayden Sheppard lost in the finals to the #1 ranked wrestler at 120 in Wisconsin to place 2nd. Tyler Beauchamp (106), Evan Piechocki (113), Austin Lewis (152), and Davin Munoz placed 3rd and Ramon Manka-Wigfall was 4th at 132. The team competes on Tuesday February 18th at Hartford Union vs regional champion West Bend East for a birth to the WIAA Team State Tournament on the line. The WIAA Team State Tournament is held at the UW Madison Fieldhouse March 6th and 7th. The top four place winners all moved on to the WIAA Individual Sectional Tournament on Saturday February 22nd at Oshkosh North High School. The top two of eight wrestlers in the brackets will advance to the WIAA Individual State Tournament in Madison Thursday February 27th-Saturday February 29th.

  • WIAA Regional Team Champions
  • Drake Hayward WIAA Regional Champ @ 145
  • Bryce Crook WIAA Regional Champ @ 170
  • Marshall Kools WIAA Regional Champ @ 195
  • Caleb Letson WIAA Regional Champ @ 220
  • Bryce Fochs WIAA Regional Champ @ 285
  • Jayden Sheppard 2nd @ 120
  • Tyler Beauchamp 3rd @ 106
  • Evan Piechocki 3rd @ 113
  • Austin Lewis 3rd @ 152
  • Davin Munoz 3rd @ 182
  • Ramon Manka-Wigfall 4th @ 132

Marshall Kools 1st Place WIAA Individual State Tournament @ 195

Marshall Kools wins WIAA D1 Individual State Champion with a 45-0 record.

Neenah High School Senior Marshall Kools made his 3rd trip to the Kohl Center one for the ages. Kools brought home the WIAA Individual State Championship at 195 pounds in Division #1. Kools was 4-0 in the tournament winning three of his four matches by fall. Kools started off with a 9-3 decision over Stoughton's #4 Rudy Detweiler. Kools then took out #2 ranked Drake Schrams of Holmen in the state quarterfinals winning by fall in the first period. On Friday Night Marshall won via fall in the 3rd period in a hard fought 6-6 match at the time vs Mukwanago standout Ryan Krimpelbine. Kools then took care of business in the WIAA State Finals vs Zach Wallace of Burlington winning by fall in the 2nd period. Kools a 3X WIAA State Qualifier is Neenah's 9th Individual State Champion All Time with an undefeated record of 45-0. Kools also moved into 2nd place all time on the Neenah High School career wins list with 147 wins only behind Tim McCarthy at 158 career wins.

Drake Hayward 5th Place WIAA Individual State Tournament @ 145

Hayward places 5th @ WIAA Individual State and gets Career Win #100

Neenah High School Junior Drake Hayward wrestled in his 3rd WIAA Individual State Tournament February 27th-29th at the Kohl Center. Hayward finished 5th overall in a loaded #145 pound bracket. Hayward got off to a fast start on Thursday night knocking off #2 Ranked Noah Leisgang of Ashwaubenon 3-0 and followed up that win with a dominant 10-4 win over Leo Draveling of Hudson. The 2-0 start Thursday night placed Drake in the WIAA Semi-Finals on Friday where he faced Max Ehlen of Burlington. Hayward led most of the match vs Ehlen but gave up a critical reversal with 15 seconds remaining to lose 4-3. Ehlen went on to win the WIAA Individual State Tournament. On Saturday Hayward lost 1-0 to Gavin Model of Stoughton to put him in the rubber match for 5th place vs Isaac Ortegon of Fond du Lac. Drake prevailed in the third meeting in just three weeks winning by fall to place 5th and get his 100th career win.

2020 WIAA Individual State Qualifiers

Neenah Qualifies 5 for the WIAA Individual State Tournament

The Neenah High School Wrestling Team qualified five wrestlers to the WIAA Individual State Tournament held at the Kohl Center in Madison WI Thursday February 27th-Saturday February 29th. The Rockets were led by WIAA Sectional Champions Bryce Crook @ 170 and Marshall Kools @ 195. Neenah also qualified sectional runner-ups in Jayden Sheppard @ 120, Drake Hayward @ 145, and Caleb Letson @ 220. Bryce Fochs was 3rd @ 285 while Tyler Beauchamp and Davin Munoz came in 4th @ 106 and 182 respectfully. The Qualifiers will take the mat at the Kohl Center on Thursday February 27th at 3:00 PM. Here are the first round match-ups for Neenah. Jayden Sheppard vs Jacob Wisinski of Mukwanago (31-8) Drake Hayward vs Noah Leisgang of Ashwaubenon (36-4) Bryce Crook vs Luke Stromberg of Mukwanago (40-8) Marshall Kools vs Rudy Detweiler of Stoughton (26-4) Caleb Letson vs Frederick Kyles Brookfield Central (35-7)

  • Bryce Crook WIAA Sectional Champion @ 170
  • Marshall Kools WIAA Sectional Champion @ 195
  • Jayden Sheppard WIAA Sectional Runner-Up @ 120
  • Drake Hayward WIAA Sectional Runner-Up @ 145
  • Caleb Letson WIAA Sectional Runner-Up @ 220
  • Bryce Fochs 3rd @ 285
  • Tyler Beauchamp 4th @ 106
  • Davin Munoz 4th @ 182

Our HS Wrestling Facility

Here are some photos of the Neenah High School Wrestling Room. Established in the summer/fall of 2016 the Neenah High School and Youth Wrestling programs call this facility home along with our offseason RWF training and the Twin City Wrestling Club. The facility includes two mats that are a total of 80 feet long by 44 feet wide.

  • "Wall of Champions" WIAA State Placewinners
  • Record Boards for JV State Placewinners, Team Accomplishments, Conference Champions, State Qualifiers, State Placewinners, Freestyle/Greco State Placewinners, Fargo All-Americans.
  • Record Boards for JV State Placewinners, Team Accomplishments, Conference Champions, State Qualifiers, State Placewinners, Freestyle/Greco State Placewinners, Fargo All-Americans.
  • Team History (55 Years) and our 10 Core Values
  • Wrestlers on the "HALL of FAME" must meet two of three criteria below. #1: Team Captain #2: All-State Scholar Athlete #3: State Qualifier
  1. 1 of 8
  2. 2 of 8
  3. 3 of 8
  4. 4 of 8
  5. 5 of 8
  6. 6 of 8
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