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Become a Neenah Wrestling Business Sponsor

Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic affecting many local Business the Neenah Wrestling Club has decided to help promote these local business in our community.  For the 2020-2021 season we will renue all 2019-2020 Business Sponsors without receiving a donation.

If your returning business would still like to sponsor Neenah Wrestling they can still do so.

The deadline is Thursday November 12th 2020.

All Business logos  and links to websites will be featured on under the sponsorship page for a year.

Business and Individual Sponsorship T-Shirt 2020-2021

Neenah Wrestling is looking for new Business Sponsors for the 2020-2021 season.  For $300 local businesses will receive.

Company Logo on Team Sports Engine Site under the Sponsorship Page.

Recognition on our Business Sponsorship Night on Tuesday December 22nd 2020 vs Kimberly in Pickard Auditorium for the Rumble at the Rocketorium v5.

Two "Back for Business" Forever Fierce T-Shirts

Neenah Nike Wrestling Individual Sponsorship Awards Packages

  • Nike Championship Singlet Contender and Championship Bundle Option
  • Nike Red Shorts Contender and Championship Bundle Option
  • Nike White Compression Shirt Contender and Championship Bundle Option
  • Nike Red Compression Shirt Contender and Championship Bundle Option
  • Nike Black Crewneck Championship Bundle Option
  • Nike Black Shorts Championship Bundle Option
  • Nike White Compression Pants Championship Bundle Option
  • Nik Black Joggers Championship Bundle Option

Become a Neenah Wrestling Individual Sponsor

Are you looking to help out one of our Neenah Wrestlers?

Please consider taking a part of our annual Individual Sponsorship where our wrestlers collect donations to help pay for their own personal Neenah Nike Wrestling Gear.

For every $50 donated to the Neenah Wrestling Club you will receive a Neenah Wrestling "Back to Business" t-shirt from Forever Fierce.

All donations are tax deductible. 


All-Sport Trophy 4th Year Sponsor

Bee Hive Barn and Grill 6th Year Sponsor

Forever Fierce 5th Year Sponsor

Greenes Pour House 6th Year Sponsor

Ground Round 6th Year Sponsor

Hoffman Strobel Builders 6th Year Sponsor

Lions Tale 5th Year Sponsor

Neenah Family Chiropractic 5th Year Sponsor

Neenah Paper 6th Year Sponsor

Nick Novak 3D Prints and Design 2nd Year Sponsor

RLJ Dental 2nd Year Sponsor

Sunset Hill Stoneware 2nd Year Sponsor

TNT Drywall and Plaster 3rd Year Sponsor

VOE Power Systems 5th Year Sponsor

Woodshed 5th Year Business Sponsor

Accurate Fire Protection 5th Year Sponsor

Badger Labs

Badger Labs 3rd Year Sponsor

Ballard Marine Construction 3rd Year Sponsor

Business Lending Group 6th Year Sponsor

Clearly IP 2nd Year Sponsor

CR Fochs Electrical 5th Year Sponsor

Damrow Dental 5th Year Sponsor

Down to Earth Greenscaping 3rd Year Sponsor

Fluid System Components 2nd Year Sponsor

Fox Communities Credit Union 5th Year Sponsor

Fredericksen Electric LLC 5th Year Sponsor

Galloway Company 6th Year Sponsor

Gerard Machine 2nd Year Sponsor

Gordon Work Zones LLC 2nd Year Sponsor

Great Northern Corporation 4th Year Sponsor

Mathfab 4th Year Sponsor

MCC Inc 5th Year Sponsor

Morton LTC Pharmacy 2nd Year Sponsor

Nicolet National Bank 2nd Year Sponsor

PAVCO 6th Year Sponsor

Pro Ampac 2nd Year Sponsor

Pump n Munch 3rd Year Sponsor

Orthopedic and Sports Institute of the Fox Valley 3rd Year Sponsor

Rocky Schafer Century 21 2nd Year Sponsor

S365 Manufacturing Engineering 2nd Year Sponsor

SCHEELS 1st Year Business Sponsor

Styles by Design 2nd Year Sponsor

TMO Builds 3rd Year Sponsor

Valley Fitness and Racquet 1st Year Business Sponsor

Dave Van Lieshout Law 6th Year Sponsor