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Neenah Entering the Wisconsin Wrestling League

By Coach Kleuskens , 09/30/20, 4:15PM CDT


Dear Neenah Youth and Middle School Wrestling Community,

Due to the current COVID-19 pandemic a new league has surfaced in Wisconsin known as the Wisconsin Wrestling League. This league will consist of both club and local/program level teams and will have competitions statewide for 3 different divisions (K-2), (3-5), and (6-8). 

Please take some time to view the Wisconsin Wrestling League website for more information. Note: Many teams will be added to this league as it was just made public.

We are working extremely hard to provide opportunities to members of our wrestling program who want to wrestle this year and this league is causing us to PIVOT from our normal season plans in a typical year to take advantage of what is available to us at this time. JUST KNOW that our SEASONS for Youth and Middle School most likely will start sooner than in the past and end sooner than in the past as we restructure our program around the Wisconsin Wrestling League for this year. 

If the Wisconsin Wrestling Federation is able to have a typically WWF Regional and State Series we will work on providing additional opportunities for those who want to compete in those events if they happen this year.

Neenah Wrestling has joined the Wisconsin Wrestling League and we will be entering in a 2nd Grade, 3rd-5th Grade, and 6th-8th Grade team. Our competition schedule for this league will be finalized in Mid-November and our team will be allowed to compete at a total of 3 events in the months of December and January. In the month of February we will have a qualifier and finals event (For Qualifiers).

Why is Neenah jumping in on this new league? There are so many question marks regarding the 2020-2021 competition schedule that we feel this is the best opportunity for our wrestlers who feel comfortable competing this year getting that opportunity. At the present time we are not counting on local youth level tournaments or potentially even our Middle School Wrestling conference events happening so by joining the Wisconsin Wrestling League we will be taking advantage of opportunities to compete as a program this year.

At this time our official Neenah Wisconsin Wrestling League SIGN-UP is NOT AVAILABLE as this league has just been made public  Tuesday September 29th.

What we need to know is...

  1. If your wrestler will be joining our League Team? 2nd Grade, 3rd-5th, or 6th-8th
  2. What Grade they are in?
  3. USA CARD # (can be purchased online @


Stay tuned for...

  1. 2-3, 4-5, and 6th-8th grade training practices to start in early November 
  2. Official Neenah Wisconsin Wrestling League Sign-Up (available soon)
  3. Neenah's Wisconsin Wrestling League Competition schedule (to be released in Mid-November)



  1. The cost to join our League Team will be $80 and include Wisconsin Wrestling league enrollment ($20), all practices, and 4 competitions ($15 per event). This $80 fee will include all enrollment and competition fees.

Other Notes:

  1. We will establish a 2nd Grade, 3rd-5th Grade, and 6th-8th Grade Coaching Staff. Staff members will be present at our 3 events to provide coaching.
  2. We will establish two practices per week for 2nd-3rd Grade, 4th-5th Grade, and 3 practices a week for 6th-8th Grade.
  3. At this time membership to our team is open to wrestlers from the Neenah Community Only.


I know this is a lot...we have been doing our best once again for those who feel comfortable and respect the decisions of those who chose to not participate due to the pandemic.

Please contact me with any questions.

Coach Kleuskens and the Neenah Wrestling Staff