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Intro to Youth Wrestling Update

By Coach Kleuskens , 08/16/20, 11:15AM CDT


Dear Intro to Youth Wrestling Families,

As you are all plenty aware the COVID-19 pandemic has changed our way of life for the time being.

I want to thank everyone who responded to Coach Rasmussen's survey to give us an understanding of what our parents are thinking at this time.

The Neenah Wrestling Club and the Neenah Intro to Youth Wrestling Coaching Staff has been following the pandemic closely and is working with Neenah Joint School District officials to potentially offer a Fall Wrestling program that will be as safe as possible. Ultimately a virus is not something we can control but we are taking action steps to help decrease the changes of an outbreak if we are allowed to have a Fall program. Ultimately the Neenah Joint School District will give us guidance and make the FINAL call if we can or cannot offer this program due to us using school facilities to operate.

At this time our Neenah Joint School District Administration has NOT made any decisions on YOUTH/Outside Groups. They want to see how the first few weeks of school go prior to informing us if/when we could potentially have Youth groups use the High School facilities. 

We do know that many of you may not agree with the changes we are making below this Fall however we feel that overall these changes give us the best opportunity to have a successful season for our student athletes if allowed by the school district. We really want to continue to connect with the future of our program to build relationships and keep wrestling FUN and interesting to them.

Here are some important things to know regarding our 2020-2021 Fall Intro to Youth Wrestling program.

Remember all of these actions steps are fluent....They could change suddenly but I think it is important you know we are thinking, planning, and preparing as much as we can at this time. Ultimately the Neenah Joint School District will make the call when the time comes. We are doing everything possible on our end to keep this as safe as we can.

If allowed to start here are details we have at this time.

Practices will begin on Monday October 5th and run every Monday and Wednesday for five consecutive weeks (10 practices total). We shifted our start date back two weeks to have a better idea of how the return to school plan is working. 

Our K-1st graders will practice from 5:30-6:00 and our 1st-3rd Graders (6:15-7:00). As always our 1st graders have the option to pick from the 5:30-6:00 session or 6:15-7:00 session. We would recommend the later session for those who wrestled previously.

Here are some changes we are making to better adjust to the COVID-19 Pandemic for the Fall with hopes that we will not have to enforce these changes by the Spring and can return to a normal Spring season by February of 2021.  

  • No 4K Option this Fall (To decrease # of wrestlers in the room).
  • Each session will be CAPPED at 30 wrestlers. Typically we have close to 60 in each group.
  • We are going to promote the program to all returners from last year before making it public so you can sign-up before we reach the max # of wrestlers.
  • No parents in the Wrestling Room Facility for social distancing. 
  • All COACHES will be MASKED at all times.
  • Digital Temperature Checks will be taken before wrestlers enter the room.
  • Wrestling mats will be washed before the 5:30 session, between the 5:30 and 6:15 session and after the 6:15 session. Only coaches in the facility from 6:00-6:15 to clean. 
  • Wrestlers will NOT BE REQUIRED to wear masks as long as the school district will allow it. 
  • If wrestlers must be masked then we would consider cancelling the Fall program as it would be very challenging to wrestle with masks. 


If/once we get the GREEN light registration will be out online. We anticipate this to be mid-late September.

Note there is also a COVID Waiver that must be completed with the registration form to be eligible. 

The registration fee for the Fall will be $35.00 and include a t-shirt. If we have to cancel the program prior to 5 practices in all payments will be refunded. 

We are really hoping that we can return to our normal schedule in the Spring of 2021 Intro to Youth Wrestling Season but for the meantime we feel it is important to offer training and connections to our sport for those who feel comfortable. 

Thanks for understanding the changes we are making here are for the overall best interest of our student athletes who choose to participate this fall.  

We certainly respect anyones decision if they feel participation is not safe or you are not comfortable with it this Fall. This would completely be a voluntary option if it is something we can offer and respect all families regardless of what they decide.


Kyle Kleuskens

Head Wrestling Coach

Neenah High School